complete_Gumbopot Kids Storybook Y'all_Final_Page_03THREE GATORS AND A LIL CRAWDAD

Once upon a time there were three gators. The largest gator was the daddy,

Big Daddy Boudreaux, the middle sized gator was the daughter named Ruby, and the smallest sized gator was the baby boy named Applejack. The three gators lived in a shack on the shore of the deepest parts of the swamp.

One morning Big Daddy Boudreaux made the kids a breakfast of grits. He poured grits into the largest bowl colored brown, then the medium bowl colored red, and finally the small bowl colored blue. “Big Daddy, these grits are way too hot,” said Ruby. “My grits are too hot as well,” said Applejack. So, Big Daddy Boudreaux took the kids for a morning swim in the swamp. “This will give our grits time to cool down,” said Big Daddy Boudreaux.

Hiding on the side of their house stood a very small red crawdad named Cletus. “I can sneak inside and eat some grits while they are gone for a swim,” thought Cletus. So, Cletus snuck through a crack on the door and climbed on the table where the three bowls were sitting. He took a bite from the large brown bowl and yelled, “Way too hot!” Then he took a bite from the medium red bowl and said, “Too cold.” Cletus moved to the small blue bowl and took a bite. It was just right, so he ate the entire bowl of grits.

“I ate so much that must sit for a while,” said Cletus. So, he jumped in the large orange oversized recliner and almost fell inside the cracks. “This chair is way too big for me,” said Cletus. Then he jumped in the medium sized red fluffy chair. “This is just too fluffy and girly for me,” said Cletus. So, he jumped in the small blue chair and made himself comfortable. It was so comfortable that Cletus feel asleep.

The gators came home from their morning swim to notice that something was not right about their grits. “Looks like someone took a bite of my grits,” said Big Daddy Boudreaux. “Looks like someone took a bit of my grits too,” said Ruby. “Looks like someone ate all my grits!” cried Baby Applejack.

Big Daddy Boudreaux shared some of his grits with Baby Applejack and they all finished their grits.

After eating, they decided to relax. “Looks like someone tried to sit in my chair, as it is reclined all the way back,” said Big Daddy Boudreaux.

“Someone tried sitting in my chair too, as I can see that the ­fluff is not right!” cried Ruby. “Someone is sleeping in my chair and it looks like Cletus the crawdad!” yelled Baby Applejack.

“Wake up Cletus!” yelled Big Daddy Boudreaux. Cletus jumped up in surprise that all three gators were staring at him. “I was hungry and your grits smelled so yummy. Then I was so full I fell asleep. I don’t have a home of my own,” said Cletus.

The gators huddled in a circle to discuss what they should do to Cletus. “Ok Cletus, we happen to have an extra small bowl colored green and an extra small chair colored yellow. Would you like to join our family and live with us?” asked Big Daddy Boudreaux. Cletus was so excited that he jumped up and gave all three gators a huge hug. So, the next morning Big Daddy Boudreaux made four bowls of yummy grits and they sat in their chairs and ate.


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