Picture this: A large magnolia tree full of freshly bloomed magnolias that smell so good you’ll wanna slap yo momma. In the front of this tree is a small hole where the most amazing magical creature lives. His name is Willy May Worm. He is lime green, about one three inches long and has the funniest smile you’ll ever see. Oh, and he talks!

My name is Onnie and Willy May Worm is my best friend. I have a brother who is a year younger than me name Breaux and he really wants to be friends with Willy May Worm. Each day I can see Breaux spying on me as I talk to Willy May Worm in the magnolia tree hole. When I go inside the house, I can see Breaux run to the tree looking for Willy May Worm. So, one day I asked Breaux if he would like to meet my friend. He was so excited.

I told Breaux to wait on the other side of the magnolia tree so that I could let Willy May know he was with me. He watched me knock three times on the front of the tree as I waited for my friend to peak his head outside. “Hey Willy May. I would like for you to meet my brother,” I said. “First he must eat this piece of candy I give you, and then he can meet me,” replied Willy May Worm.

So, I took the piece of candy and told my brother to eat it. Then I walked him to the front of the magnolia tree where he could finally see Willy May. Willy May was a magical worm that only I could see unless he gave a piece of candy, which made him visible to other people. Breaux asked him many questions about where he was from and if he had any family. Willy May told

him that he was from a magical land that can only be found if you follow a rainbow after a rain storm. He said he has four sisters and seven brothers and they are spread throughout the world wherever there are magnolia trees.

Each day Breaux would follow me to the magnolia tree to get his piece of candy. We would sit by the tree listening to the most amazing stories from Willy May. Once day when I went to the tree and knocked, there was no answer. I knocked again and again and still no answer. Then a little black ant came out from the hole and told me that Willy May had gone back home and he did not know if he would come back to the tree.

Breaux and I were very sad that Willy May was gone. It began to rain and did not stop for two days. On the second day a huge beautiful rainbow appeared. “I got an idea! Let’s follow the rainbow and find Willy May’s home!” I screamed to Breaux. So, we ran as fast as would could until we came upon a large fluffy cloud. We both stepped through to find a magical land filled with magnolia trees. The colors were so bright that everything sparkled.

We went to the first magnolia tree and knocked three times. A purple worm poked his head out of the tree hole. “Howdy, how can I help you kids?” asked the purple worm. “We are looking for green worm named Willy May. Have you seen him?” I asked. “Why yes I have. Willy May is my cousin. You can find him at the twelfth magnolia tree behind this one,” replied the purple worm.

So, we walked until we came upon the twelfth magnolia tree and knocked three times. A plump orange worm poked her head out of the tree. “Now how may I help you kiddos?” asked the plump orange worm. “We are looking for a green worm named Willy May. Have you seen him?” I asked.

Willy May popped his head from behind the orange worm. “How did you find me?” asked Willy May. “We followed the rainbow and met your cousin in the first tree who told us to knock on the twelfth tree,” I replied. “I’m so happy to see you both. This is my momma, Patsy worm,” said Willy May.

I noticed that Breaux did not have to eat a piece of candy to see all the amazing worms in the magnolia trees. “This land is magical, so no one needs to eat the candy to see any of us,” replied Willy May. His momma welcomed us and decided we should meet all the family. With one whistle from Patsy worm, about one hundred worms climbed out of their trees and head towards the twelfth tree.

It was the coolest thing Breaux and I had ever seen. Patsy worm cranked up music and all the worms began to sing and dance. Everyone was so happy. After hours of singing and dancing, we all sat around the twelfth magnolia trees to listen to stories from Willy May’s family. Some were scary, but most of them were so funny that we laughed until our stomachs ached.

Suddenly, I felt a raindrop on my head, then another and another. “Another rainstorm is coming. It’s time for you to follow the rainbow back home,” said Willy May. “Are you coming back with us?” I asked. “I must stay with my family. I am only allowed to be in your world until you are seven years old and your seventh birthday is tomorrow. If I come back, you will not be able to see me anymore, not even with the candy,” replied Willy May. “I will miss you Willy May! “I cried. Then Breaux and I ran through the fluffy cloud and away from the rainbow, back to our house. The next day, Breaux was yelling for me to come to the magnolia tree. When I got there he said that Willy May’s cousin, the purple worm, was in the hole. He knocked three times and I did not see anything. Breaux was so excited asking me if I could see the purple worm. But I was seven now and could not see the purple worm. Breaux stayed by the tree the entire days laughing and talking with his new best friend.


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