In a small country town down south lived a little plump old lady who loved to bake pecan pies. Her name was Posey Pearl. She lived all by herself and no one ever came to see her. When Posey Pearl would go into town to buy pie ingredients she would not talk to anyone. Even though she baked many pies and cookies, she would never share them. One day Posey Pearl tried an extra spice in her pecan pie mix. The pie turned out to be the best one she’s ever baked. Just as she was about to sit down and eat her pie there was a knock at the door. I was a handsome, tall skinny man.

“My good lady, I was walking by your house and smelled the wonder pecan pie. Would you be so kind as to share one of your pecan pies with me?” asked the tall skinny man. Posey Pearl looked at her pecan pie on the table and said, “Come on in, but this pie is too big for you, I’ll bake you a smaller one.” So, the tall skinny man came inside and sat down. Posey Pearl mixed the batter and baked it in the oven. The pecan pie came out even bigger than the last one. “This is still too big for you, so I will try again to bake you a smaller one,” said Posey Pearl.

The tall skinny man remained sitting as Posey Pearl put another pecan pie into the oven. When she pulled it out is was the biggest pecan pie she had ever made. “This pie is way too big for you, so you must leave,” said Posey Pearl. “You will not give me one of your pecan pies just because you think they are too big for me?” asked the tall skinny man. “Yes, now get along young man!” yelled Posey Pearl.

“Dear old Posey Pearl, you do not know who I am, do you? I like people who are kind and you are an old selfish lady. I am the man who owns all the pecans trees, all the sugar cane and all the flour used for baking. You have are no longer allowed to use any of my pecans, sugar or flour as it is too big for you.” said the tall skinny man. Posey Pearl never baked again and had to eat vegetables from her garden for the rest of her life.