It’s Saturday morning and Pooter McPoots is so excited he barely slept last night. This is his first fish’n trip with his daddy. Mrs. McPoots made a huge breakfast of grits and biscuits and has packed a lunch for Mr. McPoots and Pooter. “This is gonna be the best day ever, ” said Pooter. After they ate, it was time to load up the truck with fish’n poles and worms and hook up the boat. They waved good bye to Mrs. McPoots and on the road they went. Pooter was so ready to fish that he could not sit still in the truck.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at Black Bayou. Mr. McPoots backed the little green boat into the bayou water and in they hopped. He cranked up the small motor and went searching for the best spot in the bayou. They came up to two large cypress trees and turned off the motor. Pooter pulled out a worm and put it on his hook. Mr. McPoots showed Pooter how to cast his fish’n rod. The first time Pooter tried to cast, he hooked a branch of the cypress tree. Mr. McPoots cut the line and retied some string with a new hook for Pooter’s fish’n pole. With a new fresh worm, Pooter cast out a second time and landed right in the open water. “Now we sit and wait. I’m gonna catch a big ol fish!” said Pooter.

Before long, Pooter saw his bobber go under the dark water. He yanked back on his fish’n pole and yelled at his dad to watch him. Whatever was on that line was very heavy because Pooter could not pull it up. He yanked and pulled with all his might. Pooter thought this was the most exciting day of his life until he saw what was on his line. “Oh no, GATOR!” yelled Pooter. The gator began pulling them through the bayou. Mr. McPoots grabbed ahold of the line and tried to cut it but his pocket knife fell into the bayou. The gator drug them to an opening in the darkest parts of Black Bayou where bullfrogs where jumping all around them.

As the boat slowed down the gator stood up on his two back legs and spoke. “I don’t wanna hurt ya’ll. I need ya’lls help. My name is Boudreaux and my momma has gotten herself caught in dat der trap by dat tree. Can you fine folks please help free my momma?”

Mr. McPoots and Pooter we’re speechless. Boudreaux seemed like a nice enough gator who would not harm them. Mr. McPoots reached over to the tree and untied Boudreaux’s momma. “Would you folks like to meet my family?” asked Boudreaux. Pooter begged his dad to let them stay for just a little while, so they parked their little boat on the bayou shore and followed Boudreaux.They reached a brush filled area along the bayou where they saw three more gators including his momma. One was very small, the second was medium and the third was huge. The smallest was sister Suzie and the medium was brother Raymond Junior. The huge scary one beside Boudreaux’s momma was his daddy, Mr. Raymond LeCray. As mean as they looked, they were really super friendly.

Pooter began to tell them that this was his first fish’n trip with his daddy. Mr. Raymond LeCray told Pooter and Mr. McPoots about a place at Black Bayou where lots fish gather around sunset. These are supposed to be the largest fish in the bayou. Pooter was so excited and begged his dad to go to this location. So Mr. McPoots and Pooter said goodbye and off they went to this magical fish’n spot in Black Bayou.

This was the most amazing spot they’ve ever seen. There were seven huge cypress trees circling around two stumps that stuck out of the bayou. The sun seemed to shine down in the center of this spot making the water dance. Mr. McPoots turned off the motor and tied the boat to the nearest tree. Pooter put a fresh worm on his hook and cast his line in the center of the two stumps. Within five minutes Pooter’s bobber went under. With one big yank a very big largemouth bass jumped out of the water. Mr. McPoots helped Pooter get the fish into the boat. The bass must of weighed at least fifteen pounds! Pooter was so proud of his first catch.

As Pooter began to bait another worm, something strange happened. Before he could cast his line into the water another largemouth bass jumped into the boat. Mr. McPoots grabbed the fish and just as he was about to throw it back, another largemouth bass jumped in the boat. Mr. McPoots untied the boat and cranked the motor. As they were riding down the bayou, they turned to see several largemouth bass following them. “It was exciting to catch that large bass, but those are crazy fish!” exclaimed Pooter. They heard a big splash and saw Boudreaux and his family catching all the crazy largemouth bass with their sharp teeth. Mr. McPoots and Pooter nodded goodbye and headed to shore.

Pooter packed his first largemouth bass into the cooler and put it in the truck. Dad hooked up the boat and they headed back home. Pooter wasn’t sure anyone would ever believe this story. As they were driving Pooter turned to his Mr. McPoots and asked, “When do we get to go fish’n again?”


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