It was a lovely clear day in the Montana mountains. I was chilli’n and eating black berries like I do every day. Being one of the largest animals in this neck of the mountain allows me to have a carefree kind of lifestyle. That is until that day an old red truck came riding up the bumpy mountain road. We don’t have many trucks that come up this high in the mountain. In the back of this truck was a large crate that was bouncing up and down. Before I could blink my eyes, that crate tumbled right out of the truck and onto the dirt road.

I tiptoed towards the crate, not sure what was inside. I was really hoping it was full of some good food. As I started to sniff the crate a screeching sound came from inside. Then the crate began to move around by itself. I turned and gave it one swift kick with my back hoof. The top flew off and out popped a baby monkey! What was I going to do with a baby monkey? All it took was one look from the monkey and he climbed right up to my antler and took a seat. Monkey had no family to care for him so being the awesome brave moose I am, I decided to raise him like he was my own. We became the best of friends and this is where our adventure begins.

We all know that monkey’s don’t live in the Montana mountains, so why not do a little traveling and find a place that is best for both Monkey and myself. We gathered up a sack of berries and Monkey settled into his favorite spot on my antler. We were ready for our exciting journey to find a new place to live. We traveled though Idaho, then headed towards Nevada. It was nightfall and we could see tons of beautiful lights flashing. Curiously, we followed the light which led us to a place called Las Vegas. No one seemed to even notice a moose and monkey walking down the street. Suddenly, a man grabbed us and said, “You must be the animal act we’ve been waiting on.” Before we even knew what happened, we were on stage with hundreds of people watching us.

We both froze and stared out at the audience. Bright lights came shining down on us and a groovy song began to play. I could not believe it but Monkey jumped from my antler and began to dance and flip around. I started to step side to side and shake my head. The crowd went crazy. We took a bow, monkey jumped back on my antler and we walked off the stage back to the street of lights. Monkey seemed to enjoy it, but it was a little too crazy for me.

Before long, we met up with another herd, but this time it was wild horses. Running through open pastures was freeing and exciting. There was so much green grass and berries that this just might be the place we call our new home. We were enjoying Texas, until day two when cowboys decided to rope me and take me to their ranch. Monkey was able to jump down and run away. I was put inside a pen where they put a saddle on me and made me run circles around a barrel. Monkey had followed us to the ranch and hid inside the horse stable. When the moon was high, Monkey opened the pen and jumped on to my antler. I’ve never run so fast. Monkey and I were able to escape and continued to travel through the night.

By the morning, it looked as if we were in another land. The water was dark and had trees growing out of it. As we rested by the water’s edge we noticed something that looked like a log swimming towards us. The log like figure opened its mouth to show us many sharp teeth. We jumped back and realized it was a gator! As we were about to run away the gator spoke saying, “Don’t run, I don’t want to eat you.” The gator introduced herself as Patunya Pearl. According to her, she has no friends because all the other critters in that bayou were afraid of gators.

She showed us all around the bayou’s shore where there were tons of berries. Monkey became friends with all the little squirrels and together they would jump from tree to tree having so much fun. Who would of thought that a moose like me would feel so at home in the bayou? Over time Patunya Pearl became part of our family and we decided to stay on the bayou enjoying the uniqueness of our lives.


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