Once upon a time there was a little boy who wore a green and yellow sweat suit with a green hood. His name was Lil Ray. Because he always wore is green hood, all his friends called him Lil Ray Hood. He lived with his mom and dad in a small house on the bayou. One day his mom cooked a pot of gumbo. She put some in a tupperware container and asked Lil Ray Hood to take some to his grandpa because he was not feeling well. His grandpa lived on the other side of the bayou, which was just a short boat ride away. Lil Ray Hood loved to visit his grandpa because there were lots of catfish and big mouth bass to catch near his house. His grandpa would always take him fish’n, but not today since he was sick.
In the bayou lived a giant mean snapping turtle with long claws. This turtle loved gumbo. He saw Lil Ray in the boat with gumbo. “I’m gonna get that gumbo,” thought the mean snapping turtle. He swam up near the boat and said, “Hello lil boy. Whatcha got in that tupperware?” “I’m taking some gumbo to my grandpa because he does not feel well,” replied Lil Ray Hood. “Where does your grandpa live?” asked the mean snapping turtle. “Just on the other side of the bayou,” replied Lil Ray Hood.
The mean snapping turtle decided he could swim faster and beat Lil Ray Hood to his grandpa’s house. “I swim fast, so I will tell your sick grandpa that you are own your way,” said the turtle. “Oh, that is very kind of you,” replied Lil Ray Hood. The mean snapping turtle swam under the water thinking that he would get to the grandpa’s house and scare him away, then when Lil Ray Hood arrives, he will say that his grandpa is out of town and he would eat the gumbo. When the mean snapping turtle came to grandpa’s house he knocked, saying “Grandpa it’s me, Lil Ray, and I have some gumbo for you.” He knocked and knocked and Grandpa did not answer the door. So, the mean snapping turtle walked inside and put on one of Grandpa’s overcoats and jumped into his recliner chair.
Lil Ray Hood arrived and knocked on Grandpa’s door. “Come on in, the door is unlocked,” said the mean snapping turtle, with a soft voice. “I have some gumbo for you that mom made,” said Lil Ray Hood. “You can put it on the table and I will eat it later. I do not feel well so you must leave Lil Ray,” replied the mean snapping turtle, who was acting as Grandpa. “Grandpa, you need to cut your nails. They are way too long and they look scary,” said Lil Ray Hood. “Longer nails help me to dig for worms when we go fish’n,” replied the mean snapping turtle. “Grandpa, your face looks very green,” said Lil Ray Hood. “My face turns green when I do not feel well,” replied the mean snapping turtle. “Grandpa, your voice doesn’t sound right,” said Lil Ray Hood. “Look kid, I don’t feel well and you need to go home,” replied the mean snapping turtle. “But grandpa, when are you gonna take me fish’n again?” asked Lil Ray Hood.
“Enough kid, I’m gonna eat you for dinner!” yelled the mean snapping turtle. He threw of the overcoat, jumped out of the chair and began chasing Lil Ray Hood. Suddenly, the door flew open and Grandpa came running after the mean snapping turtle. “Just what I wanted for dinner tomorrow….turtle stew!” yelled Grandpa. Grandpa caught the giant mean snapping turtle and with Lil Ray’s help, they made enough turtle stew to last a week.


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