“Mommy, can I have some ice cream before dinner?” yelled Isabel from the living room couch. “YES honey, I will get you a bowl of ice cream.” So, mommy ran into the kitchen to fix her a bowl of vanilla ice cream and brought it out to her as she sat on the couch watching TV. “I don’t want vanilla mommy, will you get me strawberry? I want strawberry!” shouted Isabel. So, mommy took the vanilla ice cream back into the kitchen and scooped some strawberry ice cream into Isabel’s bowl and served it to her on the couch. Isabel never thanked her mommy.

As mommy walked away, Isabel felt a tickle at the bottom of her foot. She noticed some fur growing on the bottom of her feet. She ignored it and ate her ice cream. When it was time for dinner Isabel was full of ice cream and asked her mommy if she can skip dinner. Mommy said “YES,” and she continued to watch TV.

It was now time for bed and Isabel asked mommy, “Can I stay up late and play with my toys?” Mommy told her YES and the next morning Isabel was so tired she barely made it to school on time. During class, she felt another tickle on her other foot. As she looked down she was shocked to see more fur on her other foot and it was now growing on her legs. Thank goodness she was wearing pants to school that day.

Isabel’s daddy picked her up from school to go shopping for home supplies. “Daddy, can I have that toy!” asked Isabel. “YES honey,” he replied. “Daddy, I want you to buy me that baby doll too!” cried Isabel. Daddy replied, “YES, I will buy you anything you want as long as it makes you happy.” Isabel never even said thank you. Then came a tickle on her back. Isabel did not realize this but she was growing scales just like a fish!

When they got home, Isabel ran to her mommy’s bathroom and took her good makeup to put on her new doll. Then she used up all mommy’s brand new shampoo washing her dolls hair. After she dried her doll with her mommy’s towel, she took several of mommy’s dresses and threw them on the floor. She then cut one to make a dress for her doll. As mommy came into the bathroom she saw a huge mess. Her clothes were all over the floor, her makeup was broken and the bathroom was flooded. Mommy asked Isabel if she made this mess and Isabel replied, “It wasn’t me.” Then Isabel asked, “Mommy, aren’t you going to clean it up?” Mommy said “YES,” and went to clean up the mess while Isabel continued to play with her new toys. Isabel did not say thank you. She looked down and noticed her fingernails and toenails were getting very long and pointy and turning blue.

That evening Daddy was preparing a dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes. Isabel ran in to the kitchen yelling, “I do not want chicken or mashed potatoes for dinner!” She then spilled the bowl of potatoes onto the floor and yelled, “Daddy, I want you to make me noodles!” Daddy said “YES,” and began cooking her a special dinner of noodles. Isabel did not say thank you. Suddenly Isabel’s head begin to itch and two large purple pointy ears popped out! She ran to the bathroom to see what it was. In the mirror stood what looked like a monster! She had grown fur from her feet to her hands, long pointy blue nails, some kind of fish like scales on her back and now she had two giant purple pointy ears! She yelled for her mommy and daddy.

Isabel asked, “Mommy and Daddy do I look like a monster?” Both parents then replied, “YES!”

Mommy and Daddy took her to the doctor to find out what was wrong. The doctor told them that by always saying YES to everything Isabel wanted caused her to turn into a little monster. The only way to turn her back into a little girl is to say NO sometimes and Isabel must say Thank You. After a couple of days of not getting everything she asked for and thanking her mommy and daddy for all they do, Isabel began to look more like a little girl than a little monster. So be careful when you get everything you ask for and don’t say thank you…..you could turn into a little monster! THE END
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