VIEW ALL BOOKS ON AMAZON Join us in a world where imagination runs wild in da Louisiana bayou y’all!  A look into our books POCKET-I-CANS Pocket-I-Cans are decks of pocket size cards that include a fun character, short story and bible verse. Share them with friends and family or justContinue Reading

SWAMP ELF Once upon a time there was a town by the swamp, far, far away. The people of the town worked very hard. There was so much work that they could never get it all done in one day. One day the people of the town were talking together.Continue Reading

THE SCARF MY MOMMA MADE There once was a little orange haired boy named Hank. His momma loved him very much and decided one day to make him a very special scarf. It was the coolest looking scarf Hank had ever seen. All the other kids thought Hank looked niceContinue Reading

POOTER MCPOOTS GOES FISH’N It’s Saturday morning and Pooter McPoots is so excited he barely slept last night. This is his first fish’n trip with his daddy. Mrs. McPoots made a huge breakfast of grits and biscuits and has packed a lunch for Mr. McPoots and Pooter. “This is gonnaContinue Reading

MOOSE & MONKEY It was a lovely clear day in the Montana mountains. I was chilli’n and eating black berries like I do every day. Being one of the largest animals in this neck of the mountain allows me to have a carefree kind of lifestyle. That is until thatContinue Reading