complete_Gumbopot Kids Storybook Y'all_Final_Page_09BISKIT AND GRAVY

Once upon a time there were two dogs. One was a hound dog named Biskit and the other was a chocolate lab named Gravy. Everyday Biskit would take all the items he dug up down to sale at the old Bayou Market Place. He did not make much money from his dug up scraps and the two friends were becoming very hungry.

One day as Biskit was carrying his load of scraps down towards the bayou, he said to himself: “I dig all day and the best item I’ve found is an old shoe. I wish I could ­find better items to dig up and sale so we can buy more food.”

“Howdy hound dog. I can help you ­find the best scraps around the bayou,” said a voice behind the tree. Biskit did not see anyone. Then he ran behind the tree and saw a tiny golden squirrel with glittery wings. “I am going to help you and your friend Gravy. I am granting you three wishes. Be careful what you wish for, as it will come true,” said the fairy squirrel.

Biskit was so excited he ran back home yelling for Gravy. Gravy came running out to see what all the excitement was for. “I was walking towards the Bayou Market Place and a fairy squirrel called to me saying that it will grant me three wishes!” exclaimed Biskit. So they both sat down and began thinking of all the things they wanted. “We could wish for a giant bone or even a large dog house with our own pool in the back,” said Gravy. “I wish I had a piece of bacon right now,” replied Biskit. Then poof, one piece of bacon appeared before Biskit.

“Oh no! What did you do Biskit? You used up one of our wishes on one piece of bacon. Just think of all the things we could of had if you had not wished for that one piece of bacon” yelled Gravy. “I was hungry and didn’t mean to do it. Stop yelling at me! I wish that bacon was stuck on your tail so you’d have to run in circles to catch it!” cried Biskit. Then poof, the bacon was attached to the end of Gravy’s tail. Gravy began to run in circles chasing his tail for the bacon. After a while, he was so dizzy he just lay on the fl­oor.

Biskit tried to bite the bacon off Gravy’s tail, but it would not come off. “What have you done Biskit? We only have one wish left and I have bacon stuck on my tail!” hollered Gravy. “What if I wish for lifetime supply of bones or maybe that all the scraps I dig up are made of gold?” asked Biskit. “What good will that do if other animals begin chasing me because of the bacon attached to my tail?” asked Gravy. “You’re right Gravy, but I have an idea. I wish for a lifetime supply of bacon!” yelled Biskit Then poof, there was so much bacon that it filled their dog house. Biskit tied a piece of bacon on his tail and everywhere they went, they were both chased by other animals, but they were never hungry again.


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