ANDREA GREER, MS (Author/Illustrator)

Andrea is originally from Monroe, Louisiana and has over 20 years in graphic design. She began her love for creating characters and stories in 2009 when she partnered to create Moola Monsters. Andrea has created hundreds of character cards and story-lines, as well as written children’s books. Gumbopot Kids was created in 2013 as an inspiration to Andrea’s childhood growing up by the Louisiana bayou. Actually, it all began with her imaginary friend, Willy May Worm. See more of Andrea’s work at, as well as her Christian based gift shop,

“My hope is for children to use their imaginations, which will lead to limitless possibilities!”

WILLY MAY WORM (“The Real Deal”)

Mr. Worm was the best friend of all time. Everyday I would walk to our giant magnolia tree in the front yard and knock on the perfectly round bulge that had a small hole within it. I would sit and have wonderful conversations with my imaginary worm friend. One day I noticed my little brother watching so I called him over to meet Willy May Worm. I told him Willy May Worm lives in this hole and gives candy! So my little brother knocked on the tree and asked, “Can I have a piece of candy?”. When my brother looked away I would place candy inside the hole and say, “Look at this, he must really like you!”. This became an exciting daily event with my little brother and me.

As we got older I decided it was time to end the imaginary friend idea. So one day my little brother ran out to the tree ready to knock for his candy when I told him the bad news. Mr. Worm had moved to Hawaii and the ant family had moved in. He seemed a bit disappointed but he got over it knowing that Mr. Worm was much happier in Hawaii. We never did bond with the ant family as they probably bite. The small hole in the large magnolia tree was never the same. My brother and I still laugh when we tell this story. It was by far the best imaginary friend I ever had.

Now keep an eye out because Willy May just may pop up in any story!